Greetings from CowTown!

Good to be back in civilization. Have been here almost a week and forthwith is a list of things I didn't realize I missed:

  • Slurpees (no 7-Elevens in the Bahamas; no, seriously)
  • Drivers who take responsibility for their actions
  • CKUA radio (arriving on a Friday night after 11 hours of flying; it was tremendously soothing to turn on the radio to Andy Donnelly's Celtic Corner)
  • Decent restaurants where tips are based on merit
  • Movie theatres where patrons don't shout advice to characters on the screen (go see both The Departed and The Illusionist; they rock)
  • The Calgary Zoo; young or old, it just rocks
  • Joey Tomato's Ahi Tuna Salad
  • Sunday shopping
  • And of course, family and friends, and you know who you are. Even got a quick visit to my younger brother who some of you may know from his exploits on The Hillbaley Ho Down and Extravaganza.

Special thanks to Simon (who'd better get a technical blog soon) for chaperoning me the last few nights and for organizing lunch with Calgary's technological elite.

Apologies to the last minute changes which prevented me visiting Justice, Steven, and Donald. My wife and I had to take some much needed down time after having dealt with this woman for the last few weeks (careful, it ain't exactly safe for work; and worry not, it's not as stressful as she makes it out to be).

With luck, we'll be back at Christmas. Without luck, you'll all have to wait until May.