Man, I gotta lay off the 'shine. Two fairly decent credibility-buildin' posts absolutely slaughtered in a moment of weakness.

So here's a question for ya. Now that I have Atlas and dasBlog in their own little marriage of convenience, what do I do with it? I can't submit it for addition to the codebase because Atlas requires .NET 2.0 and I imagine my recommendation would be met with a hearty "Nein!" as the French might say. (Oh wait, we ended up saving them in that war, didn't we.)

I guess I could post the whole application again somewhere but frankly, I didn't do that much to the codebase itself. Ninety-five percent of it is documented on the Atlas site anyway.

Oh well, I was in it for the academic exercise anyway (unlike those glory-hounds in Edmonchuck). At some point, I'll probably start incorporating more Atlas features into dasBlog outside of the themes. At least where it makes sense, like when you're scrolling through dates looking at your dwindling viewership. And certainly when you're editting your links. Not sure what I'll do with that when it's done either since I'm essentially forking the code (tee hee) from what the newtelligence folks are working on.

Sucks that doing this is more fun than my other project which has some modicum of profitability to it.