Another post saying that I haven't done anything useful recently. Have brought in a paycheque, yes, but all the interesting stuff happens extracurricularly in my life (unless you really want to know the inner workings of Open Text Livelink) and there hasn't been much extracurricular time. Plenty of excuses: just moved back home after six-months away, recent trip to London, my daughter has been doing her impression of Keith Moon's death the last two days while I'm being a single dad for the week.

So I've been trying to get organized again which at the moment means my workspace is wallpapered with sticky notes. Really need to try out some life hacks. In the meantime, thought I'd outline, for posterity, some of the major and semi-major projects that I've been neglecting:

  • Full version of the app I demoed at Calgary Code Camp. Gonna be sweet. I have about 2500 songs to search through.
  • Update the app I whipped up one weekend six years ago for my brothers' land surveying company. Interestingly enough, it uses some of the AJAX techniques I mentioned in my demo. Not so interestingly, they've become somewhat demanding for an update with new features.
  • Build a small accounting system to manage a friend's financial statements. The current accounting systems all suffer from one basic flaw, they handle at most two currencies. My friend has accounts in six and Excel just isn't cutting it anymore.
  • Build a user group in the Bahamas. And sweet Jesus, the Igloo Coder's series on just that could NOT have come at a better time. I have to make some minor adjustments to allow for a caribbean mentality but that series is pure gold baby.
  • Finish the articles on search applications I start so many moons ago. I'm so bad at following through.
  • Move my blog to something other than .Text (probably dasBlog 'cause I want to be Scott Hanselman).

These are the major unpaid items. Doesn't include my current full-time job. Or the side contract I have. Or my new consulting business I need to start developing. Or catching up on JP Boodhoo's blog. (Seriously, I know how many kids he has. Where does the guy find the time.) Or other little things like why the IIS service keeps throwing errors and restarting on my server since I installed .NET 2.0.

Anyway, I know I'm not alone in having a list of neglected side projects. So fess up. What's your list?