You'd think I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night. You'd think right...

I have attached, for your viewing pleasure, the settings file for my installation of Visual Studio 2005. Recently re-configured because uninstalling ReSharper left them in such a state and I had to reset and rebuild them. ReSharper did say something about backing up my settings but Jayzus knows where I put them.

Here's a summary of the changes:

  • Consolas font. Because I was told to. But at 11pt because 10pt seemed too small. Guess I'm getting old after all.
  • Display fifteen items in the Recent Projects list. Who works on less than six projects?
  • Solution Explorer, Server Explorer, and Properties Window docked along the left. I like them here because they are closer to the code I'm looking at. And when I debug, they are docked along the right so it's always obvious whether I'm debugging or not.
  • Spacing and formatting. Some years ago, a good friend and a developer I respect highly suggested the spacing scheme I currently use and I love it. In general, there are spaces within parentheses, both for function calls and in expressions. Casts are the exception so that they stand out as casts. I find this makes code much, much easier to read as does most extra whitespace in generally.

So export your own settings to back them up and check them out if you're curious and/or brave. Note that the formatting changes are for C# because at the moment, it's all I code in.