There are two phrases that I simply don't allow people to say to me. They are: “quick question” and “simply”. Depending on its usage, “just” is just as questionable. (Yes, I know I've used two of the forbidden phrases in the last three sentences. The Coding Hillbilly is nothing if not a grammatical and hypocritical enigma.)

Nothing good ever follows these words so I have some canned responses when I hear them:

  • You ask the question and I'll tell you if it's quick
  • And why don't you “simply“ fix that ticking sound in your car engine?
  • I'll get right on that. I “just“ have to rebuild this server first.
  • The question may be quick. The answer won't. (Memory's fuzzy but I believe credit goes to Rajeev for that one.)

Any other verboten words and phrases I should add? I'm always up for a little personal censorship.