So thanks to exactly none of you for filling me in on the SQL Server 2005 connection pooling thing. I hate having to look up stuff myself...

Just a couple of tidbits today. I've started getting into podcasts of late now that it's dawned on me that I have some unused downtime to and from work every day. Still listening to the who have released another overdue but entertaining entry. And on their suggestion, I've added Scott Hanselman and .NET Rocks to my list. The .NET Rocks ones are decent enough but could use less product placement and more editting. In the one on test driven development, I think it was at least ten minutes before Jean Paul Boodhoo, the guest speaker, even said hello. Hanselman, on the other hand, is the type of guy I'd like to stick a microphone in front of and just say, “Go!”

But lest we forget there is non-.NET technology out there, I can now add OpenText Livelink to my resume thanks to my current contract. But methinks it won't happen unless I go at least six months without finding other work. That development environment...hoo boy! Found three bugs in their product in my first two weeks. But credit is due for providing access to the source code, even if it's in their own archaic little language. At least I was able to provide the specific line numbers where the errors were occurring when I reported them. (And as a general rule, being able to add properties to a data structure at random without first declaring them is good only if you have the utmost faith in your team's ability to spell.)

Finally, work begins on building a software consulting practice in the Bahamas. So if you're in the Bahamian area and are looking to build some software, there's a new game in town.