A formal introduction to The Coding Hillbilly. Consider this the technical arm of The Hillbaley Ho Down and Extravaganza. In these virtual walls, we'll leave the yellow journalism of Dirty Sanchez behind and explore topics in software development, .NET, and other imponderables. You'll agree it's a natural spin-off.
So join me, Ramone "Hot" Carl, former editorial reporter for The Ho Down, as we discuss the nature of homemade stills and peyote binges in terms of objects, XML, and other topics designed to maximize search engine hits. My experience is in .NET, CMS, and recently, SharePoint, and you will be surprised how conducive those topics are to applications involving backwater gin.
I will close with a promise that any comments containing the phrase "quick question" will be beaten.
Coming soon eventually: Using AJAX to search for potential speed-traps on common rum-running routes.