My mind usually wanders when I’m trying to study. These days, that probably means I have some sort of acronymic disorder. (I started reading an article on it once but couldn’t be bothered to finish.) The good part is that I can brain-dump my random thoughts thus adding to the guilt I feel for shirking my studying. Welcome to 2005 where there are many levels to slacking off.

Anyway, it occurred to me that once our property deal goes through, we’re going to have a good chunk of land. It also occurred to me that almost every good-sized chunk of land in the Bahamas has a name. There are the usual generic names like “Song of the Sea”, “Hard Bargain”, and “Brought to You By Alimony” along with the plays on people’s names, like “Rose House” and “Full Sayle” (although that one’s owned by the Stanhopes).

So I started thinking of potential names. The obvious choice, of course, is The Hillbaley Ho Down and Extravaganza, although people may get confused with the “baley” part so maybe “Hillbilly Ho Down and Extravaganza” would be better. Gotta think of the resale value, you know. Of course, there’s no way Liza would go for this so I need alternatives. People like making up plays on family names that sound clever almost once so I thought I’d give that a try, but for some reason Baley Dancer doesn’t roll off the tongue the way I’d like. Maybe my mom’s maiden name? Nah, my grandparents already lived in a house called The Crow’s Nest. I couldn’t take that away from them.

Then I thought of my grandmother’s maiden name and the possibilities came flooding in. In the end, I think I’ll keep it simple (as befits our family). So in honour of my great grandmother of whom I have many fond memories, may she rest in peace, we will christen our new property: Hoar House.