When it comes to logistics, I’m like Salieri in Amadeus. I can recognize when it’s done well but can’t pull it off myself. Such was the case on New Year’s Eve with our neighbours, Steve and Michelle. Technically, what they did that night should not have been physically possible. To attempt to describe it would take away from the actual event but suffice it to say, it involved floating candles, bartenders, goldfish, tents, karaoke, a coffee machine, and one impossibly delicious chocolate molten lava cake.

Syd was on hand to enjoy the festivities, too. Decked out in her evening wear of choice, a Sleeping Beauty costume, she was every bit the princess when we arrived and discovered that William and Ethan (Steve and Michelle’s boys) were going to be put asleep early. No matter. She watched TV and played for a couple of hours before joining the party outside (lured outdoors by the melodious strains of ABBA’s Dancing Queen). Her moves, dress, and staying power were a big hit. It wasn’t until 1:15 that she stumbled over to me and said that memorable phrase Liza has used on me many parties before: “I think you’d better take me home now.” Many thanks to Steve, Michelle, and Conch (who learned first-hand that you don’t start dancing with a five-year-old and expect her to run out of energy before you do).

My own contribution to the event came the next day when I, being the only one without a hangover, took Syd, William, and Ethan out to play video games and watch a movie (Spongebob Squarepants), where Ethan promptly fell asleep.

So Happy 2005 to all of you. Good luck to everyone who made resolutions. For my part, my only resolution is not to make any resolutions and I expect to have about as much luck keeping it as all of you do.