Another busy weekend thanks to new friends, Peter, Madeline, and Jonathan Gonzales. Peter came last Wednesday from Miamo with his co-worker Luis to install hurricane shutters on the pool house. Luis hightailed it back on Friday before Peter's wife and son showed up that night.

Saturday, we had our second visit to Island World Adventures and it was another great day in the Exumas. The sting ray hovered around after lunch like a lost puppy and the boat ride back was so smooth, Syd fell asleep before we even got to the iguanas. Yesterday, we hit the streets of Nassau hoping to catch a ride on a glass bottom boat. Alas, the only one we found had the words “Booze Cruise” emblazened on the side so we passed in favour of a day on the beach at the Atlantis hotel. After supper, we walked through it's aquarium which was fun until Syd fell asleep and became dead weight in my arms.

One thing that all this activity helped us to do was decide whether we would take Syd to summer school. We got back into the house at almost midnight last night and were not in the mood to wake up at 7:30 to take Syd to school so she's staying home this week. Don't think there will be a lack of things to do, though. Lauren Knowles is coming later this afternoon for a swim and Hailey is having a sleepover here tomorrow (something Syd has been reminding me of all morning).

A final plug for Peter's business, Hurricane Buster Brothers, in Miami  (305.256.8883). They install hurricane shutters and if the quality is anything like what he did here, they're damned good at it.