Big news today is that I am gainfully employed again. The fine folks at Data Systems International have seen a glimmer of hope in my resume and hired me on full-time...sort of. To meet mutual interests, I'll be working only about nine months a year with them leaving me to find my own trouble for the remaining time. In the meantime, I'm once again riding the high of starting a new project and ready to confuse and befuddle another would-be employer into submission. Am still doing some contract work for Marriott and they see no reason to let a mere trifle like another job get in their way so I expect to by busy like my homeland's national animal for the foreseeable future.

Have also made somewhat firm vacation plans. Liza's sister is here until the 18th at which point, she will return to Calgary with Syd. Syd will stay there for three weeks and Liza and/or I will fly up there around August 7th and start a two week whirlwind tour of Calgary, Virden, Brandon, Winnipeg, and select areas of Lake of the Woods. We're now taking applications for groupies.