Dolly, Liza's sister, arrived Sunday night and Syd has had a permanent grin on her face ever since. The two of them, Liza, Ann, Syd's friend Cajiah and Cajiah's mom spent the day together yesterday (it was Bahamian Independence Day) so I kept to myself lest all the estrogen get the better of me.

Update on the property. It's a long story and not all that interesting but here's the summary. Turns out the current “owner” doesn't actually own the property thanks to a mistake in the contract when the land was first subdivided. The upshot is we are getting the property for $10k less but have to pay that much in lawyer fees to get legal title of the property. Also means we have to wait six months for the legal and parliamentary (process requires intervention from the Treasurer of the Bahamas) machine to do its thing.

'Tis all for now.