Last week of school and it's finally hit home. What do we do with her for the next two months? Especially since it's too hot to do anything outside for longer than ten and a half seconds.

Monday was open day where the parents came in for an hour to see what their kids did all year. At the beginning of the year, my goal for Syd was simply to make some friends since she's an only child. But God bless the buckets of money we pour into the school, she's learned a lot. Not sure I appreciate the democracy mentality Ms. Collie has instilled (“Raise your hand if you think we should have ice cream instead of mashed potatoes“) but all in all, I'm very impressed. Also, I have to say fathers were sorely under-represented. I counted four other than myself in a class of twenty kids. And this was the day after Father's Day.

Speaking of Father's Day, it was pretty low-key. Lunch at Crocodile's with the neighbours and Syd and Liza left me to my devices for the afternoon. I spent the afternoon programming. Hard to fight my inner geek these days. Syd did have an interesting take on Father's Day, though: “Daddy, it's Father's Day so you have to listen to your ladies.” I blame the media-blamers.

End-of-school party in a couple of hours so I should pretend I have a real job until then. No change on our property which suits us fine. It's too hot to go look at it anyway.