Sheesh! Can't imagine what we did to tick the Big Guy off but between Grandma's apartment building and Todd's barn burning down, my leaky roof ranks just above a stubbed toe on the interesting event scale this past week. The Ho Down scoffs at adversity, however, and lead reporter Dirty Sanchez is hard at work recounting the events as I speak.

Happy belated Mater Day to all of you mommies. Syd got Liza a foot “massager” which consists of a basin that vibrates. Would have been easier (and more fun) just to get a vibrator and throw it in the bathtub with her. Oh well, Syd and a couple of her friends had fun playing with it (the foot massager, not the vibrator) yesterday so I guess it wasn't a total loss. Syd and I did the cooking, too, which was pretty tough. We waited at least twenty minutes in the drive-thru at Domino's. One of the highlights of the day was Syd asking when Children's Day was so I got to use the parental mainstay, “Every day is Children's Day”. Felt very paternal.

Anyway, it's just occurred to me that I called neither my mother nor my grandmother yesterday so I'm going to go atone.